Tuesday, October 15

Product of sobr.

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

"Someone who can't sacrifice anything, can't even change anything!" -Armin Arlert- 

We can't succeed if we don't change. We can't change if we don't make any sacrifice.

If we reflect upon the story of Prophet Ibrahim and Ismail alayhissalam. The key towards sacrifice is patient (sobr). 

When Ibrahim alayhissalam ask Ismail, what is his opinion on the command of Allah to slaughter him. He said ""Do what you are commanded, InsyaAllah, you shall find me among those who are patient."

Patient can be divided to 3 parts:
1. In obeying Allah's commands.
2. In leaving Allah's prohibitions.
3. In time of hardships and calamities. 

and both of the Prophets has shown us patient in obeying Allah's commands thus willing to sacrifice their personal interests for the sake of Allah.

In some aspect of our lives, we sometimes find it difficult for us to prioritize. 

Between video games and help mother? 

Between sleep and Fajr prayer?

Between change for betterment and remain bad?

Will you sacrifice by putting an end to your bad habits for HIS sake? If yes, you deserve this "Day of Joy" as it is all about sacrifice. -Mufti Ismail Menk-

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