Monday, March 30

Always Seek Knowledge

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

As mentioned in the previous post, there are 4 characteristics that need to be met in the quest of desiring Allah.

1) Zuhud
2) 'Ilm
3) Tawakkul
4) Yaqin

The next component after zuhud is ilm.  No one reaches Allah with ignorance!!!

Allah is All Knowing, and we can only get closer to Allah by being closer to his attributes (by being compassionate, just, etc, but in this specific case, by being knowledgable)

The good thing is that the knowledge is already available in front of us.  The syariah is well defined.  The path that we are taking to this journey is a trodden path, its a path that has already been used by soliheen before us.  Its not like we are exploring new road.

So you need to learn the syariah, learn the ilm.  In a journey, you need to have a set of knowledge.  If you go on a journey without 'ilm, you’ll get lost. You’ll need ilm such as navigation, survival, learn the sign of nature etc when you are travelling.

There is also an order when we are doing things - you cannot focus on nawafil or dakwah etc while you yourself are not focusing on your main journey.  Your main spiritual journey has to take precedence over anything else - you cannot skip this and think your journey will go smoothly.

Before da’wah to people around him, Prophet Muhammad saw started by doing a spiritual journey to Allah.  You cannot do dakwah before starting this spiritual journey.

You need to start learning the body of deen before the spiritual inward of deen.  Start with the outward before inward  Start with learning fiqh before tazkiyyah, in that order.  Allah created the body first, before blowing ruh inside the body.  But you need both, human is not complete if it has body and not soul.  Similarly, soul without body is not a complete human being.     

So you learn and practice the letter of the deen, the fiqh and hukm, and you also need to practice the spirit of the deen, going into the spiritual journey and cleansing your qalb and make it purer and purer to get closer to Allah.

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