Wednesday, June 26

Yoi kankyō

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

What comes to your mind when someone said 'Biah Solehah'.

From my experiences, I believe there are two things needed to create this Biah solehah; a good environment for you to change, to behave, to practice Islam.

Note that I come from Islamic school, I was brought up in Islamic school since I was six. My parents are also strict; they always remind me to choose friend wisely, to choose good friends and be a good friend.

If I stray away from straight path, my parents will be the first one to steer me to the right way. I love my parents.

By the way, back to the topic. The 2 things needed are "advises" and "races". Let me explain one by one.


When I was in high school, I have a lot of amazing friends. Why am I saying this? They constantly remind each other including me. Those reminders are enough to move me. I was constantly reminded of Allah. The consciousness of Allah increases each time they reminded me.

As I can recall, one of the characteristics of a good friend is they can increase your consciousness of Allah. When I was depressed, they told me to not give up.

These are just a few examples, basically when you light up advises among your friends. Slowly you will create a good environment.


The practice of "fastabiqul khairat" can also provide a good environment. When you are in a race, what is your goal? Of course to win the race. When you have the desire to race in terms of good deeds, you will also want to win the race of doing good deeds; you will do everything you could to win.

When you give your full commitment to the race, a good environment hence can be created cause everyone will do good deed to win the race.

This was seen obvious when Ramadhan came,  miraculously, everyone will compete.


And both can only be applied in group. You cannot accomplish it alone, but you can start the spark.


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